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Commercial Logistics and Transport management

National Reference Centre in the professional area of commercial logistics and transport management in the field of vocational training.

The Innovation Centre for VET of Aragon (CIFPA) is, since February 1, 2019, the National Reference Center (CRN) in the professional area commercial logistics and transport management of the professional family of commerce and Marketing, in the field of the Vocational training. Since that time, and functioning as CRN, the CIFPA assumes stifles of the professional area quoted at the state level, such as:

  • Observation and analysis of the productive sector.
  • Updating of the National catalogue of professional qualifications.
  • Development of innovative measures for training actions.
  • Collaboration with the most representative business and trade union organizations in the sector.
  • Promotion of research, development and innovation in vocational training.
  • Collaboration in the process of evaluation and accreditation of the professional competences of the profesional area.

The location of the CIFPA in a strategic enclave such as the logistics platform of Zaragoza (PLAZA), makes it the ideal framework to develop and deploy the activity of the National Reference Center.

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Scholarships and grants in training actions

On November 5, 2020, the Resolution of the General Director of Innovation and Vocational Training was signed, establishing instructions regarding grants and aid for unemployed workers who participate in training and non-working practices for vocational training for employment that will be developed at the Innovation Center for Vocational Training in Aragon as a National Reference Center in the year 2020.
Below you can consult the full text of the Resolution and download the Annexes I and II of the application for grants and scholarships (Annex I) and the application for conciliation assistance.
These grants and scholarships will be applicable for the actions that are already being developed in our National Reference Centre (NRC) in a face-to-face mode.
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We are national Reference Center for commercial Logistics and transportation management.


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