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CIFPA, speaker at the Barcelona International Logistics Exhibition

CIFPA, speaker at the Barcelona International Logistics Exhibition

The advisors of the Innovation Center for Vocational Training of Aragon (CIFPA), Manuel Alvira and José Luis Calvo, have participated in the 24th International Logistics Exhibition (SIL Barcelona). At the Aragon Logistics Platform stand, the CIFPA representatives spoke about "Excellence in Vocational Training in the transport and logistics sector".
The presentation began by explaining to the attendees the general functions of the entity as a center for vocational training teachers, an innovation center, a National Reference Center for Commercial Logistics and Transport Management and, finally, a member of the Network of Vocational Training Centers of Excellence in the Transport and Logistics sector.

They highlighted the center's location in the Zaragoza Logistics Platform, one of the largest in Europe, and emphasized its contribution to the excellence of vocational training in transport and logistics.

At SIL Barcelona, those attending this presentation were interested in the organization's initiatives related to the detection of training needs, the transformation of spaces for training and innovation, actions to promote the digitalization of the sector, the updating of resources, dissemination, etc. One of the main objectives of CIFPA is to be a meeting point for companies and centers related to transport and logistics.

The International Logistics Exhibition is the leading international trade fair for logistics, transport, intralogistics and supply chain.