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Professional guidance

Useful resources on professional and academic guidance

There are three fundamental aspects to develop, simultaneously, in the academic and professional orientation,

Personal knowledge

Know your skills, interests, personality, values, academic performance...

Existing training Offer

He knows the structure of the educational system, baccalaureate modalities, training courses, certificates of professionalism, university, evaluation and accreditation of professional competencies, other alternatives.

Knowledge of the situation of the different productive sectors

Both present and future forecasts.

Interesting addresses

Digital reputation and job search: Presentation on the importance of enhancing and protecting digital identity for both job search and professional development. The Internet is an opportunity to show our skills and make it easier for us to find and establish new contacts. Studies on social networks and labor market in Spain of the year 2012, recognize that 80% of Spanish companies consult the activity of their job seekers in social networks:

TodoFP Professional Guidance: Resources on vocational guidance of the MECD VET portal. Training itineraries, professional profiles, Job search...

European Portal for professional mobility: Trends and labour market in the various European countries, information on training opportunities, education and employment in Europe.


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