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Store Lean CIFPA
Lean Store

Currently working on improving warehouse performance, applying LEAN techniques improves warehouse productivity, Optimizing logistic processes.

Logistics Factory

The Logistics Factory is a learning system that includes all the current elements for the management of automated warehouses, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, manufacturing technology and process engineering and communication technologies. . It Allows to know and to experiment on the production process that goes from the manufacture of the product, until its storage and later distribution.

Logistic Warehouse
Logistics Warehouses

The logistic warehouses of the CIFPA are real replicas with the aim of carrying out practices on the logistics of storage.  It Consists in the systematic conservation and management of goods in the warehouses. For the management of warehouses, logistics software is used, allowing to optimize processes like the entry of goods or their storage.

Driving Simulator
Driving Simulators

Simulators for professional drivers of road freight vehicles or travellers. Fixed installation Version, due to its large dimensions, with real controls and seats, designed for one or a student.

Forklift Simulator with virtual reality
Forklift Simulator with virtual reality

Using Oculus Goggles, this simulator creates a virtual reality environment that allows students to pre-prepare for the handling and handling of forklifts before they are used in real practices.

2019-02-06 Inauguration Learning Factory 01
Learning Factory

These facilities represent a factory for programming, production and forming of application polymers in the automotive sector. The creation of this factory of learning has been made possible thanks to the agreement of collaboration between the government Of Aragon, automotion cluster of Aragon (CAAR) and TÜV Rheinland Spain, Together with the support of Fundación Ibercaja.


It is an audiovisual production studio equipped with professional means and technical support. It is an ideal space for the recording of didactic videos necessary in a quality distance training.


We have an open, spacious and flexible space, divided into four learning zones (create, reflect, share and do) and designed for the delivery of active training courses that promote changes in teaching and learning styles.


To arrange a visit to the school, interested teachers should complete the following form, indicating the planned date of the visit and time preference. Once the application has been received, CIFPA will contact the teacher to arrange the details.


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