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Cycles A.0

Activating methodologies in VET

The transformation of the teaching-learning model

Ciclos Formativos A.0 is an initiative of the Directorate General for Innovation and Vocational Training to support the transformation of the teaching-learning model towards an active methodology, mainly based on ACbR (Collaborative Learning based on Challenges), which helps to better prepare the VET students in a more complete way.

In order to support and facilitate this methodological evolution, a call is published annually to collect the different projects around this proposal. There are two modalities in which, depending on the number of teaching hours involved, the participants in the projects can get better conditions so that the transition can take place in the most natural way possible.

In the first years of implementation, within the framework of this call, 60 projects have been registered. Most of them are in modality B, i.e. training cycles where work is carried out, in an interdisciplinary way, in a number of professional modules that represent at least 70% of the teaching load of a course of the training cycle. The project is carried out for at least 3 school years.

The aim of this call is to increase, year by year, the number of cycles and educational centres involved in this methodological transformation and to set up a working network to promote this methodological change and ensure its continuity and solidity.

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