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Cycles A.0

Activating methodologies in VET

The transformation of the teaching-learning model

Ciclos Formativos A.0 is an initiative of the Department of Education to support the transformation of the teaching and learning model towards an active methodology, mainly based on ACbR (Collaborative Learning based on Challenges), which helps to better prepare Vocational Training students.

In order to support and facilitate this methodological evolution, a call is published annually to collect the different projects around this proposal. The centers supported by public funds that teach Grade D in the classroom mode of FP in the Community of Aragon can participate.

Unlike previous calls, all projects submitted must meet the requirement of working in an interdisciplinary way in a number of modules that represent at least 70% of the course load of a training course.

In the first years of implementation, 78 projects were registered under this call, of which 18 were in modality B and the rest in modality A (which is no longer contemplated).

The aim of this call is to continue increasing the number of educational cycles and centers involved in this methodological transformation and, as a novelty, the A.0 Network of centers that have developed projects in previous calls will be promoted.

For the 2024-25 academic year, the maximum number of authorized projects will be five. Four in public centers and one for private centers supported with public funds (in subsidized education). For their development, they will be provided with economic resources and time allocation. The CIFPA provides teachers with training through the itinerary "Qualification of teachers in active methodologies".

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