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Our Principles

First of all, transparency

Quality Policy

The staff of the Centre for Innovation in Vocational Training in Aragon considers that the permanent training of teachers constitutes a right and an obligation for them and a responsibility as an educational administration.

For this reason, the Management of the Centre applying the current legislation on training and applying the legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those of the interested parties, is committed to meeting the training needs of teachers, guaranteeing A diversified and free offer and establishing measures to encourage participation.

Therefore, in order to carry out the permanent training of the teaching staff, it is necessary to promote and facilitate the development of processes and continuous improvements to achieve the professional competence needed to respond to the demands of society and to the personal and social challenge. That each teacher must assume to be fully committed to the educational task.

On the other hand, procedures and mechanisms for the detection, analysis and evaluation of the training needs of teachers will be established dynamizing the same ones and the innovation and educational research, directing the actions to the professional development of teachers in a framework of reflection on one's own practice.

One of the important points of the Center of Innovation for the Vocational Training of Aragon will be to encourage and train the teachers in the innovations in active methodologies with the purpose of improving the learning in vocational training.

In Addition, the development of skills related to innovation and the appropriate use of information and communication technologies (ICT), Learning and Knowledge Technologies (TAC) and technologies of the Empowerment and participation (TEP) and network-based training activities will be promoted. In the same Way, new forms of organization and management of the centres will be proposed and experienced.

Human resources management will ensure equal treatment and opportunity for all people in this organization.

All These elements are key to the strategic planning of any organization, because they refer to the reason of the same, to the goals that are intended to achieve and to the way of working to achieve those goals.

The CIFPA is committed to the continuous improvement of its quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and to comply with all the requirements found in this standard.

This policy is available to all stakeholders on the Center's website.

Zaragoza, October 19, 2018


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