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Innovation projects

The implementation of the most innovative ideas

The Innovation Centre for Vocational Training in Aragon has among its functions the promotion of innovation and research projects in VET. 

Among the measures to promote innovation and quality in vocational training, the CIFPA promotes the development of innovation projects, both at national and regional level, based on collaboration between vocational training centres, companies and public administrations.

The participation of Vocational Training centres in research, innovation and experimentation projects contributes directly to sustainable economic development and social welfare. It should not be forgotten that in Vocational Training there are many types of innovation playing a very important role for the small and medium-sized enterprises in our business fabric because what is innovation in one context can be a habitual practice in another and this plays a fundamental role in the transfer of knowledge.

The vocational training centres have the responsibility of encouraging the carrying out of projects in their classrooms that promote the development and improvement of technological, methodological and training processes and promote collaboration with the business world. These projects should evolve towards work systems that integrate didactic and technological innovation in Vocational Training and put educational centres in permanent contact with the business fabric of their environment, as well as with organisations and entities with the same scientific interest within a collaborative culture. Bearing in mind that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the main engine of economic growth and job creation in our country and generate two thirds of employment in Europe, skilled and specialised workers are needed to improve the competitiveness of SMEs, and the challenge of VET is to offer increasingly research, creative and innovative training that contributes to this end.

Calls for innovation projects

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