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Digitalization and innovation in logistics as the future of quality employment

  • AFT - Association for the Development of Vocational Training in Transport (France)
  • Action Synergy (Greece)
  • INYCOM - Instruments and Components (Spain)
  • CIFPA - Center for Innovation and Vocational Training of Aragon (Spain)
Project duration

2 years

January 12, 2022 - January 11, 2024

What is the DIGinLOGS project?

Funded by the European Union's Erasmus+ program, the DIGinLOGS project is aligned with European, national and regional priorities: the digitization of vocational training and the creation of quality jobs by improving the skills of future workers. The project aims to strengthen international collaboration networks to design and implement innovative and forward-looking digitization training in logistics for teachers, the employed and the unemployed. Therefore, experts in logistics, AFT (France) and CIFPA (Spain), in e-learning training, Action Synergy (Greece), and in digitization, INYCOM (Spain), have joined forces.

What is your goal?

One of the pillars on which logistics is based is digitalization. The digital transformation of companies entails the need to digitize all jobs, regardless of the functions and technical skills involved.

The DIGinLOGS project aims to co-design and implement an asynchronous online training course on digitization in logistics.


The project is articulated around two global objectives:

1) To be part of an international observatory to know data on the evolution of the sector, trends and training needs in relation to the profiles of the most demanded jobs.

2) To develop a training itinerary in digitization to be delivered in asynchronous online mode.

How will it be done?

The planned activities have been designed based on the two fundamental objectives we wish to achieve in our project.

1) In order to achieve the objective of being part of an international observatory, classroom training and different virtual networking meetings have been held to address prospective and innovative technologies and trends.

2) As for the final product in the form of a training itinerary dedicated to digitization in the logistics sector and the development and implementation of online training, a second specific face-to-face training activity will be developed, dedicated to mutual learning on excellence in the pedagogical design and presentation of contents of online training actions. We will work on the establishment of common bases for the elaboration of training programs, the pedagogical design of contents and the introduction of innovative methodologies for the teaching of technological solutions.

For the proper development and management of the different parts of the project, 3 transnational meetings and periodic virtual meetings will be held.

To achieve greater dissemination and impact, multiplier events will be held in each partner country throughout the life of the project.

What else?

Online training will be designed and implemented with gamification and knowledge of current and future global technological solutions.

The courses will be tested with the target groups of the training actions of the different partners, receiving complete feedback on design, methodology and contents.

The expected impact translates into a higher qualification of vocational training students, who will learn from their teachers about the current and future digitalization of companies in the logistics sector.