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Your future. Our impulse.

We move the vocational education and training of Aragon

What are you looking for?

What is our purpose?

With the slogan "Your future, our Impulse" we promote from Vocational Training the talent, innovation and creativity of the main capital of our territory, which are the people, as one of the lines that makes possible the sustainable growth and welfare of our society.

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What's Moving us?

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Erasmus + Policy
We support the students and teaching staff of professional training in the improvement of the practice of other languages for, in the case of our students, to improve their employability, enriching their European CV and expanding their possibilities of job insertion and of training.
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We promote innovation in the public vocational training centers of Aragon to improve the teaching practice of teachers and increase the professional competencies of students.
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We are committed to professional and updated teachers in the technical and tranversales competencies that the productive and labor sector require day by day.
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National Reference Center
We are national reference for the companies of the logistic and transport environment and nexus of Union with the formative and employment sector.
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Dual VET
We work promoting the relationship between schools and companies for training in real working environment and obtaining a qualification according to the current Labor needs.
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We support the initiative of young entrepreneurs facilitating means and spaces in our center for their work and professional development.
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Center Management System
We investigate the organization and management of professional training centres, enabling the coordination of work teams and enhancing the professionalism, flexibility and participation of the same.
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Advanced Technology
We deploy our professional activities through the latest generation of technological equipment.

Collaborative Network

We develop our work in coordination with other institutions and agencies. 

We are integrated into a collaborative network of all areas of professional training in Aragon.