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Erasmus + Cofinanciado_derecha
The CIFPA Mobility Consortiums were created with the aim of supporting Aragon's public FP schools in the mobility and internationalisation of their students and teachers. The entities participating in these consortia are the following:
  • Innovation Centre for vocational training in Aragon.
  • The public Intermediate and Advanced Vocational Training Centres in Aragon with an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in force.
  • Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza.
  • Company Foundation-University of Zaragoza.
The Mobility Consortia managed by CIFPA are co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The content of this website is the exclusive responsibility of CIFPA and neither the European Commission nor the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE) are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

Objectives of the Consortium

Our first intention is to support the schools in Aragon.


The educational, formative, linguistic, professional and cultural capacities of the students and teachers of the different upper-degree courses of vocational training in Aragon.

Latest News

The linguistic competence of the students of FP, for it, will be designed additional training activities with the own resources with which it counts to depend the coordinator (CIFPA) of the Department of Education, Culture and sport of the Government of Aragon.

Aragon in Europe

To serve as an impulse and pilot to those centres with little experience or lack of sufficient resources to develop the mobility. The realization of practices in companies in the member countries of the European Union by students will contribute to adapting to the new demands of the community labour market reaching the specific skills needed and improving the understanding of the Social and economic environments of the chosen countries of destination.


In the linguistic competence of the teachers, that is why it has been added to the activities of this consortium the realization of mobility of teaching personnel of the different professional families for the improvement in this aspect.

Digital capacity

Improving digital capacity is another fundamental objective, communications, preparatory documentation, logistics and document management as well as dissemination will be made digitally improving this capacity not only in participants but Also in the consortium partners, mainly in the educational institutions.


Technically to teachers to the current professional reality, as well as acquiring new methodologies, and the possibility of sharing new working methods and bringing them into practice. In short, to improve the technical and professional competencies.


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