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Purpose, vision and values to get closer to you

The center of Innovation for the vocational training of Aragon was born with the aim of fomenting the processes of technological innovation in the system of professional training of the autonomous community of Aragon.
Our purpose

With the slogan "Your future, our Impulse" we promote from Vocational Training the talent, innovation and creativity of the main capital of our territory, which are the people, as one of the lines that makes possible the sustainable growth and welfare of our society.

Our vision

The Innovation Center for Vocational Training of Aragon's vision is to be a regional reference for vocational training teachers and a link of union and collaboration between companies, students and workers.

The CIFPA, as a National Reference Centre For Commercial Logistics And Transport Management, aspires to be a hub for the innovation of the sector by means of the deployment of its competencies in training tasks, observatory of the sector, Interlocution between interest groups, updating professional qualifications...

Therefore, in addition to teacher training, the centre will work on innovation in vocational training and the creation of contacts between companies, students and workers, mainly in the sector of commercial logistics and transport management.

Our values

The organisation is committed to ensuring that all actions and services provided are governed by a set of key principles such as:

  • Ensuring equal opportunities.
  • Ethical and democratic behaviour.
  • Consideration of learning as a cooperative process involving everyone.
  • Fostering relationships, participation and communication.
  • A spirit of collective work in solidarity.
  • Positive attitude and self-improvement.
  • Creativity and personal responsibility.
  • A critical sense, tolerance and appreciation of diversity. Sense of quality and personal and collective safety in the development of work.
  • Respect for the social and natural environment.
  • Commitment, responsibility and efficiency in the development of the service provided.
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We are national Reference Center for commercial Logistics and transportation management.

Our strategies

These are the strategies with which we achieve our goals every day.

Promoting innovation in vocational training

The aim of the CIFPA is to promote innovation and experimentation of the training of all the agents involved in the vocational training system.

Latest News
Offer training in the field of FP

The Innovation Centre for VET of Aragon, will offer and manage specialized training in the field of the different professional families, fomenting the creation of teams of work in the centers that deepen in the training received.

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Promote collaborative networks

One of the fundamental pillars of the information society is the exchange of information, for that reason from the CIFPA it is intended to promote a collaborative culture that allows to create connections of connection between the centers, the companies and other entities.

Promoting innovation in the use of ICT

Among its fundamental objectives, the CIFPA will promote innovation in the use of information and communication technologies in different professional families in a way that supports new methodological proposals in vocational training.

Coordinate innovation projects in FP

The CIFPA will coordinate and facilitate the participation of the centres in specific innovation projects for vocational training, especially those projects in which companies or other non-profit organizations collaborate.

Research in the organization and management of centers

The aim is to investigate the organization and management of vocational training centres by promoting more flexible and participatory work teams, facilitating their coordination.

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Promote the creation of business nurseries

From the CIFPA is intended to enhance the projects of creation of companies, providing spaces and collaboration to support entrepreneurial initiatives.

Support Recognition of professional qualifications

The procedure for evaluating and recognising professional qualifications will be investigated and supported.


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