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Innovation projects

CIFPA initiatives

Your ideas add up

In the CIFPA/CRN we have ideas, concerns and initiatives to promote VET, to improve employability and, in general, to increase the wealth of our land. We would like to implement all the initiatives that we come up with but, to do so, we need the talent of your centres. We would like to show you what we are working on to try to arouse your interest. We hope you will be encouraged to join us in these projects.

CIFPA Initiatives: focusing your talent

Ongoing initiatives

ANTEO: Entrepreneurial roots

A commitment to entrepreneurship through tools that promote the setting up of business incubators, in physical or virtual spaces, which provide a boost for young entrepreneurs.

ROOTS:Rescuing flavours in VET

A return to the roots to contribute, from vocational training, to sustainability with the research, exploitation, cooking and consumption of local products that are in danger of disappearing.

FP360: Immersive Didactics

Immersive technologies are already a reality in the VET classroom. This project involves teachers and students in the scripting of teaching and learning processes, which have been previously selected, to turn them into 360 videos that, through VR glasses, immerse students in places and processes that are not always accessible.

Masterclass.TMV: Shared Professional Experience

By means of professional streaming from leading companies in the sector, we seek to facilitate the acquisition of competencies aligned with the real needs of the work environment. Practical online sessions in which students and faculty can interact with renowned professionals.