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Erasmus + Cofinanciado_derecha

An educational and professional community that knows no boundaries

An adequate system of qualification and professional competence requires a global vision beyond our borders. Share experiences, develop joint projects, perform training practices... With the rest of the countries in our environment they are an excellent enrichment for our future professionals and for the formative system as a whole.

It is important to learn how to solve problems with innovative solutions in other communities of the European area, as well as to make known our know-how and our best competition. The exchange of ideas, skills and techniques, taking advantage of the best of each one of us, will allow us to improve and strengthen the professional competence of our community environment. We believe that and we are convinced of that.

To this end, the Aragon Centre for Vocational Training develops various lines of action for the development of international projects, training practices of FP students in Europe and teacher stays.

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