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Our Principles

The value of people is not based on gender, age, race, social and/or personal status.

This Plan for Equality and Gender Identity of the Centre for Innovation and Vocational Training of Aragon (CIFPA) is developed in compliance with the ORDER ECD/1003/2018, of 7 June, which determines the actions that contribute to promoting coexistence, equality and the fight against bullying in the educational communities of Aragon. It is intended to articulate all the work that has been carried out in this area in the entity. It is structured in several phases contemplated in the regulations and subject to the principles of: effective equality and gender equity, transversality, intersectionality, female empowerment, feminist research and epistemology, new masculinities and the prevention and eradication of violence against women.

During each school year, the relevant data will be reviewed and a collaborative team representative of all school staff will be active, since such a plan must involve, particularly in the educational context, all the people who make up the school communities.

As a general philosophy for CIFPA, the need for the Equality Plan to be an effective and operative document and to serve in a clear way to achieve a fairer educational system is envisaged, with this philosophy its elaboration and implementation is framed, as well as the monitoring of each one of the actions that will permeate in a transversal way all the areas of the entity.

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