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Closing conference of the project Guided Diagnosis 4.0

Closing conference of the project Guided Diagnosis 4.0

On 19 and 20 May, a closing conference of the state project DGUIA 4.0 (Guided Diagnosis 4.0) was held in Alcañiz after 8 months of intense training and work by its members. On this occasion the hosts were the participants of the CPIFP Bajo Aragón, who organised the following programme of events and activities:

Wednesday, 19 May

  • 10:30 to 11.30: Reception and coffee for participants at the CPIFP Bajo Aragón.
  • 11:30: Travel to the headquarters of the Bajo Aragón region. Short visit to the Ardid palace.
  • 12:00: Closing meeting of the project, with the presence of all the participating centres, companies and entities.
  • 14.15: Lunch
  • 16:15: Sightseeing tour of Alcañiz: castle, gothic tower and passages
  • 21.00: Dinner and overnight stay

Thursday, 20 May

  • 10:00: Drive to TECKNOPARK, to visit the MAGMA COMPOSITES factory.
  • 11:00: Outdoor tour of the MOTORLAND ARAGON facilities: speed circuit, karting circuit...
  • 12:30: Return to CPIFP BAJO ARAGON, visit to the school and participation in the farewell ceremony for the 2nd year students who are in FCT.
  • 13:30: Closing ceremony of the project, with the presence of the participating centres, teachers and vehicles.
  • 14:30: Lunch and closing of the conference

At the closing meeting of the project on the 19th, statistical data on the development and implementation of the project were presented, which gave a first insight into the positive impact and extent of the response of other schools to the innovative initiative.

A total of representatives, including students and teachers, from 5 vocational training centres attended the project days. In addition to learning first-hand about the benefits of the resulting service that is being offered by the centres participating in the project, the participants from the invited centres were able to enjoy sightseeing tours of the region and a visit to Motorland. All these events were also part of the VET Week organised by the Directorate General for Innovation and VET, which was held from 17 to 21 May.