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Centers of excellence at the FP Mobility Congress23

Centers of excellence at the FP Mobility Congress23

Zaragoza will host, on October 19, the FP Mobility Congress, whose central axis will be the State Network of Centers of Excellence in Vocational Training, which includes three Aragonese centers: the CPIFP Bajo Aragón de Alcañiz, the CPIFP Pirámide, Huesca and the Innovation Center for Vocational Training of Aragon (CIFPA).

The setting for this meeting will be the Zaha Hadid Bridge, where the Mobility Museum is located, an initiative of the Mobility City project promoted by the Ibercaja Foundation together with the Government of Aragon. This space has been chosen as the venue for this event because its aims and philosophy coincide, to a large extent, with those of the three centers of excellence: to work for innovation, training and dissemination in the areas of sustainability, efficiency and respect for the environment.

In this regard, the meeting will offer a current vision of the three economic sectors -automotive, renewable energies and transport and logistics- that the three educational entities represent within the State Network of Vocational Training Centers of Excellence. The company Smartpoint has made the sectoral maps of the three economic areas in order to know, based on real data, issues related to job profiles, training needs, priorities in terms of technological transformation, etc. With this information, the three educational centers will have an updated view of the situation in order to be able to anticipate changes in labor, technology, production and organization as they occur.

The congress program includes two presentations, the first with an institutional character on the State Network of Centers of Excellence in Vocational Training and the second, more technical, by José Antonio Ondiviela, director of Smart Cities Solutions at Microsoft.

The day will end with talks and round tables focused on each of the sectors represented at this meeting: automotive, renewable energies and transport and logistics. Companies and teachers of the three professional families from all over the country will discuss the issues that affect them in reference to these three sectors.

This meeting is organized by the public schools: CPIFP Bajo Aragón, CPIFP Pirámide and CIFPA with the support and collaboration of Mobility City, an initiative of the Ibercaja Foundation and the Government of Aragón.

Both CPIFP Pirámide, as well as CPIFP Bajo Aragón and CIFPA entered the state network of excellence in its first call corresponding to the year 2022. At present, this network is made up of 45 centers, distributed throughout the 17 autonomous communities and all of them are characterized by working in three lines:

  • Innovation, applied research and the incorporation of disruptive technology. Among its objectives are the generation of innovative environments and ecosystems for the development of projects.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Internationalization.

These centers provide Vocational Training offers linked to the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications. They lead the digital and methodological transformation, organize teacher training actions at state level and collaborate in the detection of the need for new profiles and in the curricular revision of the related offers.

CPIFP Pirámide represents, within the network, the renewable energy sector. The inclusion of this center in the state network is due to its links and work on renewable energies and the production of the so-called green hydrogen as an energy vector. This center maintains a solid alliance with several companies and entities such as the Hydrogen Foundation of Aragon, the Energy Cluster of Aragon (CLENAR), the Department of Economy, Employment and Industry, the Aragonese Institute of Development, the Walqa Technological Park and, among others, the City Council of Huesca.

CPIFP Bajo Aragón represents the automotive sector. Its candidacy was endorsed by the Aragon Automotive Cluster CAAR, MotorLand, the Aragonese Institute of Development and the City Council of Alcañiz itself.

CIFPA, within the network, is located in the Transport and Logistics sector. The headquarters of the entity is located in a strategic enclave such as the Logistics Platform of Zaragoza (PLAZA), an ideal framework to develop and deploy the activity as a Center of Excellence in VET in the Transport and Logistics sector.

CIFPA stands out for the close collaboration it maintains with companies, business associations, trade unions, training centers, teachers and different organizations in its environment. Its candidacy was endorsed by the logistics cluster of Aragón, Aragón Plataforma Logística, Mobility City of the Ibercaja Foundation, Aragón Exterior and the Aragonese Development Institute, among others. This entity is also a National Reference Center in Commercial Logistics and Transport Management.