Basic warehouse design - Online (CRN)

Course offered as part of the 2020 Annual Work Plan of the CRN for Commercial Logistics and Transport Management, aimed at improving the employability of vulnerable groups. The course is developed in online mode within the classroom platform of the CIFPA's GSuite and whose main objectives are to identify the structure of a logistics warehouse and the main activities that take place there, to familiarize students with the documentation generated in the process of managing a warehouse and the computer tools that support it and to present the figure of the logistics operator.

TARGETS: The course is intended primarily for unemployed women.

WARNING: Registration closed as the maximum number of pre-registrations has been exceeded. Due to the high demand during 2021, re-editions will be carried out.

Registration period: Closed

Course Dates

 From 30/11/20 to 17/12/20

Course Schedules
Duration and schedule

30 hours Online

Free time



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