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Video of the TMV family meeting. Euskelec and the ACbR

Video of the TMV family meeting. Euskelec and the ACbR

Last Tuesday 22nd June, the meeting of the Professional Family of Transport and Vehicle Maintenance took place in which the competition as a challenge model for collaborative learning was addressed.

A good representation of teachers from the Vocational Family of Transport and Vehicle Maintenance attended this day dedicated to collaborative learning around electric vehicles and competition. The core of this meeting was the participation of IES Miralbueno in the Championship of Electric Vehicles made by VET students, Euskelec 2021, which was held in Bilbao on the weekend of 29 May. This competition can be considered a model for Challenge-Based Collaborative Learning (CBCL) and this conference analysed the experience of the Aragonese centre's participation and how it can become a driving force in the conversion of these cycles into A.0 Cycles. The meeting was also attended by companies from the sector such as MotorLand, Grup Eina, Alterity and Goya Automoción, which also have a lot to say about the methodological changes that are taking place in Aragonese education. Also present were the organisers of the championship, Alterity Global, who provided a technical and organisational vision of the challenge of this championship and who also showed the attendees the Tknika showcar.

All those vocational training centres with the professional family of Transport and Vehicle Maintenance that are interested in participating in the 5th edition of Euskelec 2021-2022 have until 7 July to register.


For further information and conditions of participation, please contact: