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Logistics 4.0: connecting innovation, sustainability and digitization

Logistics 4.0: connecting innovation, sustainability and digitization

Next Tuesday, February 20, the Logistics 4.0 conference will be held : connecting innovation, sustainability and digitalization . The setting will be the Zaha Hadid Bridge, where the Mobility Museum is located.

This initiative is included in the actions associated with the European innovation project DIGinLOGS in which they participate:

  • AFT Association for the development of vocational training in transport, France.
  • Action Synergy, Greece.
  • Inycom, Spain.
  • ALIA, as a non-formal partner.

The event is open to companies, vocational training schools and entities related to logistics and transport. The program of the event is as follows:

09.00 - Reception of attendees.

09.15 - Institutional opening. Luis Mallada, General Director of Planning, Centers and Vocational Training.

09.30 - "The challenge of digitization for shippers" - Antoine Bertrandy, CargoON.

09.40 - "Presentation of results of the DIGINLOGS Project" - Carmen Sánchez, CIFPA.

09.50 - Open pitch - Logistics innovations: presenting tomorrow's solutions.

  • Rafa Mendez (ESTOKO)
  • Jorge Avila (SIGNOS IOT)
  • Alfonso Puértolas (INYCOM)
  • Benito Cueva (BELEROFRONTECH)
  • Lorenzo Sancho (RENTABILITY)
  • Jorge Álvarez Mateo (MOONTECH)
  • Gabriel García (INTEGRA)
  • Óscar Fuster (IMSEL)
  • Iván Aisa (EDELVIVES)
  • Gabriel César (GA GROUP)

10.30 - Round table

"Logistics under debate: efficiency vs. sustainability."

Moderator: Rafa Méndez (ESTOKO)

  • Juan Valle (MEGABLOK)
  • Paloma Lapuente (TRANSPORTS LAPUENTE)
  • Carlos Reinoso (QUADMINDS)
  • Iván Aisa (EDELVIVES)

10.50 - Round table

"Vision 360°: meeting of Logistics experts".

Moderator: Alfonso Puértolas (INYCOM)

  • Ramón Pascual (VIA AUGUSTA)
  • Fernando Béjar (EBOCA)
  • Carlota Albas (REDUR)
  • José Luis Calvo (CIFPA)

11.10 - Coffee

12.00 - End of Day