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Simultra. First Project Multiplier Event

Simultra. First Project Multiplier Event

Today, the first of the two multiplier events planned to present the Simultra project has been held. The purpose of this event is to present the Simultra project at a general level, making known the purpose of the same and the tools that integrate it, as well as the specific presentation of the logistic Warehouse management tool that develops the CIFPA Along with NOVADEVS.

The event was attended by a representation of the teachers and students of the Professional families of administration and management (IES Pedro Cerrada) and of Commerce and Marketing (CPIFP the links) adding a total of 30 assistants. The day has begun with a welcome act by the director of CIFPA, Mr. Antonio Carrión. Subsequently, the coordinator of the project, has made a general presentation of the project Simultra as well an introduction to the simulator of management of logistic warehouses.

After a coffee break and visit to the logistic facilities of the center, the assistants have been directed to one of the computer labs to be able to test and evaluate the tool developed by NOVADEVS.

The project has aroused great interest among the attendees and has been placed for a second multiplier event to be held in September where the incidents and improvements proposed for the tool are expected to be resolved.

From the CIFPA we sincerely appreciate the participation, interest and disposition shown by the teachers and students of the CPIFP the links and the IES Pedro Cerrada that have come to the appointment.