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Itinerant exhibition "Equal Professionals" in the IES Mar de Aragon

Itinerant exhibition "Equal Professionals" in the IES Mar de Aragon

The exhibition resulting from the campaign "Equal Professionals" that the Department of Education of the Government of Aragon presented last year and that the Innovation Center for Vocational Training of Aragon (CIFPA) has edited with the support of the State Pact against gender violence is already touring.

The educational community is aware of the importance of education to curb the emergence of violent attitudes and situations against women. It is also aware of the need to increase and apply all necessary actions to encourage women to join studies that have traditionally been considered masculine. It is also important that in cycles in which the enrollment is made up almost exclusively of women, male students should be incorporated.

This exhibition aims to mitigate this situation and contribute to develop career guidance strategies to correct the gender bias of certain professions and vocational training offerings because this bias makes both women and men lose employability opportunities. At the same time, with these roll ups it is possible to make known in an attractive and fun way, as is the comic, the different professional families that are present in the Aragonese Vocational Training.

This campaign was presented at the conference "Equal Professionals", held on March 10, 2023 and organized within the framework of the Aragonese Council of Vocational Training of Aragon, with the collaboration of the Department of Education, the Aragonese Institute of Employment and the Social Agents CEOE, CEPYME, UGT and CCOO.
The creator of the cartoons that support this campaign is Sara Jotabé. She is a comic author, illustrator and graphic humorist, president of the Aragonese Association of Comic Authors since 2018. In addition, she has received numerous awards and worked in various campaigns, exhibitions and initiatives.

This exhibition has begun its tour of Aragonese schools in the IES Mar de Aragón in Caspe.

If your school is interested in having this exhibition for a period of time, you can request it by e-mail:


In addition, the materials that make up this campaign are available on the web: