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The FP Dual specialized in the pig sector is already a reality in Aragon

The FP Dual specialized in the pig sector is already a reality in Aragon

In the Aragonese Community it is already possible to study the Dual Vocational Training specialized in the pig sector. This is a reality that the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Aragon has made possible in this course 2020-21, together with the National Pig Cluster, i+Porc, and the Dualiza Bankia Foundation.

The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, in a ceremony held at the Innovation Centre for Vocational Training in Aragon (CIFPA) made official this new training proposal that professionalizes a sector that in Aragon represents 3.5% of GDP and is a major driver of exports. In this first course, 17 young people from the 2nd year of the centres that offer the intermediate level training in agricultural production (CPIFP Montearagón in Huesca, CPIFP San Blas in Teruel, CPIFP Movera, IES Mar de Aragón in Caspe and IES Reyes Católicos, all three in Zaragoza) are registered. In addition to the contents included in the training cycle, a complementary training of 150 hours specialized in the pig sector has been planned, which will be given by the Kerbest Foundation.

For his part, Eduardo Costa, president of the National Pork Cluster, i+Porc, indicated that a total of 27 companies in the three provinces are available to students for work and training, since the sector has been demanding this type of employment for some time and the creation of this degree will benefit the entire rural world. In this act, the student of the cycle Zahira Soto indicated that with these studies she can make reality her vocation and become a professional of the agricultural activity.

In the act developed in the facilities of the CIFPA it was insisted on the necessity to professionalize this activity to give it the dignity that it deserves, to assure its modernization and to foment the incorporation of young people to a sector that contributes to the vertebration of the territory. The objective is that the project can be extended in the next courses. At present only Ávila has similar training. In fact, the project was born after the Cluster became aware of this initiative launched by the Bankia Foundation and the Kerbest Foundation in Castilla y León. In that Autonomous Community, the demand for greater staff training to adapt to the technological evolution of the pig sector led the two foundations to promote a Dual Vocational Training project together with the Castile and León Federation of Pigs (FEPORCYL) and the Government of the Autonomous Community, which made it possible to reopen an old agricultural training school to train future professionals. For its part, the Department of Education of the Government of Aragon expressed its willingness to adapt this specialisation project to Aragonese regulations. In parallel, three days were organised with educational centres, students and pig integrators to find out about both the interest and the necessary commitment of each of them to be able to start the project.

The Aragonese pig sector insists on the need to continue with the professionalisation of the sector, and to date, the project already has the commitment of more than 45 farms that collaborate with the main Aragonese integrators: Piensos Costa, Grupo Arco Iris, Grupo Jorge, Valls Companys, Mazana, Portesa, Leridana de Piensos, Cooperativa de Caspe, Granja Los Alecos, ADS Porcino Tauste, Cincporc, Ingafodd and Ars Alendi, among others.

As mentioned above, this initiative has the support of Dualiza Bankia, which is responsible for channelling all its activities to promote the prestige of vocational training and its dual mode, in order to contribute to improving the employability of students and the competitiveness of companies. The Kerbest Foundation is also present, whose objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of society, innovation, research, education, training and entrepreneurship.

Video of the streaming of the event (17/09/2020)