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FUTURE4U: Orientation day for 3rd ESO students

FUTURE4U: Orientation day for 3rd ESO students

The last years of ESO tend to be particularly hard periods for students who see their exit from the compulsory education system and the moment of deciding where to continue in the training system. On this occasion, the Innovation Centre for Vocational Training in Aragon (CIFPA) has brought together 3rd year ESO students from the Virgen del Pilar de Zaragoza Secondary School around the Future4U programme to show them new lines of training, STEM career opportunities or the importance of entrepreneurship from an early age.

The initiative is included in the project of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport to promote and improve professional guidance, one of the strategic lines of the IV Aragonese Vocational Training Plan approved last year.

CIFPA joins with Future4U to other initiatives such as Come 2 industry!which has the collaboration of the University of Zaragoza or the professions website (https://eligetuprofesion.aragon.es), launched last year, to the Educational Administration's project to support guidance. Another line has also been launched to improve this professional orientation and is the project of Orientation Governance Teams in Educational Centres, with 16 centres involved, including different HEIs, integrated vocational training centres, integrated centres and Adult Education Centres.

Future4U (future for you), has begun to walk in the CIFPA with a hundred students who have been shown different training itineraries that they can choose after finishing the Secondary cycle. Insisting that the period they are about to start need not be a one-way street.

The day, inaugurated by the general director of Innovation and Vocational Training, Toni Martínez, included conferences and dynamics by speakers such as Ana Hernández, the partner of Aragón's Board of Directors Clara Savirón or the national football coach, Ángel Royo. The expert in entrepreneurship and innovation, Ana Hernandez, began the day with the talk And if we undertake? Students were able to learn about examples of entrepreneurs who have contributed a great deal to society and the economy and who are a good example for them. For her part, Clara Savirón, project manager at Deloitte, in her STEM talk, raised the importance of technical studies, now better known as STEM (acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in future professions. The morning was closed, Ángel Royo, who spoke to them of the need to work and strive to develop in any facet of life.

Future4U participants got to know the CIFPA facilities with its apprenticeship factory and factory and became familiar with the wide range of professional training available in Aragon and with the opportunities offered by these studies such as Dual Vocational Training or the Erasmus+ programme.

The Director General of Innovation and Vocational Training indicated that during the last four years, the number of students enrolled in VET has gone from 20,000 to 25,000 and only this year 20 new cycles have been launched in Aragon, more than half of them outside the capitals. "We want our and our students to know all this offer and to be able to guide their next formative steps having all the information at their fingertips".

Zaragoza 17 December 2019