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"Vignettes for equality and against gender violence."

"Vignettes for equality and against gender violence."

In the Espacio Desconecta of CIFPA you can visit the exhibition "Viñetas por la igualdad y contra la violencia de género". An exhibition organized by the Instituto Aragonés de la Juventud (IAJ) with the collaboration of the Instituto Aragonés de la Mujer (IAM). This exhibition aims to reflect on the presence of gender violence in society, and its impact on women at different stages of life.

Throughout the exhibition, and through the graphic language of comics, the concepts of equality and feminism are addressed, the main milestones in the history of feminism are reviewed and the different types of gender violence are identified, from the most imperceptible to the most visible. All this, transferred to current situations that reveal gender stereotypes, unequal treatment and violence.

The illustrations are by the Aragonese artist Sara Jotabé and the texts have been made in collaboration between the IAJ, the IAM and the illustrator.

This exhibition can be reserved for exhibition by: educational centers, local entities, youth centers, youth associations or those working with young people, as well as any entity that focuses on young people.