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II DGUIA 4.0 Project Training Days

II DGUIA 4.0 Project Training Days

On 21 and 22 September, the II Conference on training and coordination of the state innovation project Diagnosis Guiada 4.0 took place at the CIFPA facilities (Zaragoza). The three didactic vehicles, prepared by Grup EINA Digital, on which the project is based, arrived at the centre and will be distributed among the three Vocational Training Centres participating in the project (CPIFP Bajo Aragón, CIFP Pico Frentes and CIPFP Donapea). These centres will serve as the basis of each of the vehicles for their future loan to the Vocational Training Centres with teaching in the Vehicle Transport and Maintenance (TMV) family within their respective Autonomous Communities.

During the two days, the members participating in the project have continued with the specific training sessions of Grup EINA Digital about the use of the equipment with which to develop practices of fault diagnosis with the students who are studying the training cycles of the TMV professional family. There was also training on recording and editing video tutorials, by the hand of Dopamina Producciones, with which to accompany the training practices of the vocational training students.

Another of the objectives of these days was to hold a coordination meeting to agree on aspects of the project on criteria and logistics of lending vehicles in each autonomous community, on the dissemination of the project through a page own website And social mediaThe Committee will also discuss with the Commission, on accommodation and access to the training materials to be developed and on the holding of presentation days to raise awareness of the project among VET schools and other interested parties. CIFPA is responsible for all the web + RRSS dissemination issues and the construction of a platform to host the teaching materials.

The next training and coordination sessions will be held at the CPIFP Bajo Aragón (Alcañiz) in early November.

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