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III DGUIA 4.0 Project Training Days

III DGUIA 4.0 Project Training Days

The third training meeting of the DGUIA 4.0 project was held on 25, 26 and 27 November. On this occasion, the CIPFP Donapea (Pamplona) was the host for the event. As on the two previous occasions, technical training continued to be provided by Grup EINA Digital based on the vehicle assigned to the centre (Renault Laguna).

In addition to the three-day training, meetings have also been held to agree on issues:

  • Criteria and protocol for the loan and use of teaching materials and vehicles.
  • Organization of the teaching materials on the project site.
  • Design of project dissemination at the end of the project.
  • Organization of conferences to present the project to the centers with family of Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance.

During these days, Dopamina Producciones is also collaborating in the recording and editing of an informative video with the intervention of the coordinators of each centre participating in the project in order to provide the most complete possible view of DGUIA 4.0.

The next training and coordination sessions will be held at the CIFP Pico Frentes (Soria) in early 2021.

Dissemination of the project in: