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A new bookmark dedicated to the cultural magazine Turia

A new bookmark dedicated to the cultural magazine Turia

The CIFPA, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the cultural magazine Turia, has prepared and printed a new bookmark to give to the teachers who participate in the different training activities organized by the organization.

In these forty years, Turia magazine, as indicated by its director, Raúl Carlos Maícas, has established itself as a plural, open and cosmopolitan magazine that has had the collaboration of more than 1,000 authors from different countries.

It is a magazine published on paper from the city of Teruel, but with an international projection. As indicated on its website, Turia emerged as an Aragonese contribution to the panorama of cultural magazines in Spanish. After 40 years of life, it is the Aragonese cultural and literary publication with the longest trajectory.

Coinciding with this anniversary, on April 23, the Day of Aragon, Turia magazine was awarded the Aragon 2023 Prize. The jury of the award valued the 40 years "of uninterrupted commitment to the culture of Aragon through an editorial project that combines literary criticism and creation of the highest level". The award decree highlights that Turia has become a "symbolic element for contemporary Aragonese culture, an essential project of Spanish literature in recent decades". In addition, it is considered a publishing platform "valued for new and established authors" and an "example of universal projection from the local".