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"Mujeres a lo loco", at the Espacio Desconecta

"Mujeres a lo loco", at the Espacio Desconecta

Women are the protagonist in our Espacio Desconecta with the exhibition "Mujeres a lo loco". This initiative arises in the IES Clara Campoamor of Zaragoza and has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Women and Equality Service of the City Council of the Aragonese capital.

The aim of this exhibition is to make visible the professional role of Spanish women of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in different facets of life. The protagonists of the exhibition have excelled and stand out in professions related to literature, science, culture and sports.

The exhibition consists of 30 panels with caricatures and information that helps to discover the history of each of the protagonists. They are the work of illustrator Daniel García Nieto who has not forgotten such representative characters as: Eva Amaral, Maruja Torres, Lili Álvarez, Pilar Miro, Margarita Salas, Irene Vallejo, María Moliner, Pilar Palomero and Dolores Ibarruri, among others.

"Mujeres a lo loco" is a creation of Susana Lozano Gracia, Noelia Mayoral Gracia, from IES Clara Campoamor, the illustrator Daniel García Nieto and Laura Aldama Fernández, who was also a teacher at IES Clara Campoamor and to whom this exhibition is dedicated as a posthumous tribute.