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Training offer January 2023: Initiating training routes

Training offer January 2023: Initiating training routes

Initiating the 2023 route with CDD level

We start the year with a selection of training activities that mark the path of the evolution of the competencies required by the new times we live in. In fact, and from now on, you can find in all publications of training activities a button that provides information on the level of Digital Teaching Competence acquired by the participating teachers at the end of the activity. We have made a selection of those training lines of transversal digitization and methodological innovation that are most in demand by teachers, with direct application to the classroom, as well as other more technical and specific topics for professional families.

The titles of the activities that we make available to you are

  • Learn how to create digital content with CANVA (Online)
  • Learn how to create digital content with GENIALLY (Online)
  • Educational escape rooms. 4th Edition (Online)
  • Excel: from basic to advanced (Online)
  • Introduction to pig farm digitization
  • Introduction to GIS_level 1 (Online)
  • Level 2. Qualification of teachers in active methodologies. Digital Campus A.0. 4th Ed. (Mixed)
  • Training Program for Entrepreneurship Classroom Coordinators (Mixed)
  • Soft Skills I. Social-emotional literacy for VET teachers. RF-EI-Level 1
  • Collaborative work in the cloud with Google Workspace (Online)
  • Visual Thinking as a didactic tool for the VET classroom (Online)
All these activities will start around the Christmas holiday period. Don't delay in registering because, given the high demand, the order of registration is important.
REGISTRATION FROM 19/12/22 TO 11/01/23

For more information about these activities and registration, we leave you the following access: