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Specialization Programs A.0 course 2020/2021 (presentation download)

Specialization Programs A.0 course 2020/2021 (presentation download)

In order to improve the connection between the training systems and the labour market, as well as the detection and response to the qualification needs of the environment in an agile way, the Digital Campus A.0 presents the first Specialization Programs that will take place in the next academic year 2020/2021 and that are aimed at students with a Higher Degree in Vocational Training.

These programmes represent an anticipation of the specialisation of new professions through collaboration and partnership with clusters, professional associations, entities and institutions, bringing together training, qualification and employment. They are aimed at improving the qualifications of the people who will live and work in the society of the near future.

The Digital Campus A.0 faces the challenge of digitalization and the generalization of digital technologies in the Industry 4.0 with the aim of achieving the best employability of its students, bringing their training and qualification to the emerging jobs demanded by the companies of our environment.

Detailed information about these programs: