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Third meeting of the SIMULTRA project in Antwerp

Third meeting of the SIMULTRA project in Antwerp

On 27 and 28 September, the third transnational meeting of the Erasmus + KA2 Project took place at the Faculty of Transport and Regional Economy of the University of Antwerp. SIMULTRA.

The assistants representing the seven partners in the project presented the status of the development of the respective simulators that are reported below:

  • Supply Chain Management Module (University of Antwerp): It simulates all the costs related to the transport of a container, starting from the Chinese port of Shanghai and destined to the port of Antwerp.
  • Port Operations Module (University of Antwerp): The simulator allows to plan and organize all the resources (human) and equipment (fixed and self-propelled cranes) necessary for the management of a ship that arrives at the wharf of the port of Antwerp.
  • Intermodal platform Management Module (Poliedra + ITL + CePIM): Coach of container reception operations by rail and its exchange for road transport.
  • Warehouse Logistics Management Module (Grub Solutions + CIFPA): Faithfully plays a warehouse management system (WMS – Warehouse management Software), which allows the entry of data related to the load units (pallets and packages) and the related products received and stored in the Store.
  • Road Transport Management Module (Association for the development of the FP in transport – AFT): It allows to plan and organize a road transport mission, to evaluate the costs, to coordinate the drivers according to the driving time and the distance of travel, taking into account the commitment Expected for the company's fleet of vehicles.
  • Customs Practices Module (Poliedra + ITL + CePIM): It replicates the process of exchange of information and communications, the preparation and dispatch of customs documents related to a whole process of importing goods from an extra-European country to a community country.

The Complete development of all the simulator modules is expected before the end of this year.

Another aspect that was addressed is the beginning of the phase of dissemination of the project during the months of December and January. The purpose is to make known these tools to the stakeholders of the project: vocational training centres, logistics and transport companies and public and private institutions related to the sector. The main objective is that these tools are used for the training of future professionals and also for professional use in the real working environment.

The next meeting will take place on 2 and 3 May in Zaragoza, in the facilities of the CIFPA.