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Teresa Perales, Princess of Asturias Award for Sports 2021

Teresa Perales, Princess of Asturias Award for Sports 2021

In a space dedicated to Aragonese Culture and Talent, we are delighted to dedicate a short article to the great swimmer Teresa Perales, Princess of Asturias Award for Sports 2021. The Jury of this Award made this recognition official yesterday, 2nd June, and in its minutes indicated:

"Teresa is an extraordinary athlete and an icon of the international Paralympic movement. Throughout her long and brilliant career, which has led her to participate in five Paralympic Games and in which she has remained at the top of the competition until today, she has built an exceptional track record only matched by her deep, active and courageous social commitment. His figure brings together in an exemplary manner the most admirable sporting values. This award recognises the effort and the capacity to excel of an entire collective in the world".
Teresa Perales, after hearing the news, wanted to share the award with all the athletes who are preparing for the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Especially "with those Paralympic athletes, with all those people with disabilities, with all those sportswomen, with all the sportswomen who are mothers, with all of us who dream at some point of reaching the top of the podium or of improving every day in each of the things we do".
The Aragonese swimmer is considered by the Princess of Asturias Award Jury to be "an example of overcoming for millions of people with disabilitiesaround the world" and "an icon of international Paralympic sport". Her career in adapted swimming began in 1997 when she participated in her first Spanish Championships, where she won a gold and a bronze medal.
At the age of 19, Teresa Perales had to face a neuropathy that caused her to lose mobility in her legs. She began her sporting and professional career with a lot of effort and the ability to adapt and fight. She has been a top-level sportswoman since 1998, has a diploma in Physiotherapy and is an expert in personal and sports coaching. She writes books, has held various positions in public administration, and participates in talks and meetings.

At the sporting level and as indicated on its website (https://teresaperales.es/) its trajectory has meant:

  • 26 Paralympic medals at the Paralympic Games (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio de Janeiro 2016). Of the total medals 7 have been gold, 9 silver and 10 bronze.
  • Participation in five World Championships (1998, 2002, 2006, 2015 and 2017), where he has achieved 5 World Records (2 in long pool and 3 in short pool) and 20 medals (3 golds, 10 silvers, 7 bronzes).
  • 37 medals (10 gold, 19 silver, 8 bronze) at the European Championships (1999, 2001, 2003, 2011, 2014 and 2016).

But if Teresa Perales stands out on a sporting level, she is not far behind in terms of notoriety on a social level with a multitude of recognitions and awards.

As a centre dedicated to training and innovation, we would like to congratulate her for this award and for her professional projection but, above all, for being an example of effort, enthusiasm and capacity for innovation to develop herself personally and professionally and to help others, with her talks and attitude, to know themselves and enhance their capabilities. Because, as she says, "will is power".