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DIGinLOGS: testing phase of the training pathway begins

DIGinLOGS: testing phase of the training pathway begins

The objective of the DIGinLOGS project has been achieved with the design of a digitalization itinerary in logistics, updated and accessible to the target groups (teachers of the commerce and marketing family, trainers and workers in the sector).

The partners have agreed on the digitization pathway in logistics, developed the training programs of the modules that make up the pathway and didactic resources for an asynchronous, open digitization training.

The itinerary aims to provide teachers with knowledge of the computer applications that companies in the logistics sector use in different areas (company management, warehouse management, data analysis) in order to transfer this knowledge to the classroom.

In the first phase, an observatory with an international perspective was established to detect the training needs for digitization in logistics and, with those considered to be a priority, to develop a training program for each need, thus forming the logistics digitization itinerary.

The project requires two results: the design of a digitalization itinerary in logistics with its training programs adapted to the ICT competencies of the sector and an online course to deliver these training programs, open to the general public.

In November, the itinerary will be tested by the four partners in their geographic area and for their target audiences

The four partners are calling on their target group to carry out a test edition in November through their website and with emails to companies in the sector, public and private educational centers with logistics training.

Starting in January, a period of mass dissemination will begin, which also includes the multiplier events of each partner, to show companies, centers and regional, national and European administrations the results obtained in the DIGinLOGS project.

The European DIGinLOGS project is funded by the European Union and has as partners, in addition to CIFPA, the French entity AFT, INYCOM (Spain) and Action Synergy (Greece).