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Introduction to Autodesk Fusion 360 (Online)

Training aimed at providing teachers of the IMA and FME families who require the use of 3D design software in the modules taught with the knowledge and tools necessary to get started in the use of Fusion 360 and to promote its use in the centers.
Training provided by Asidek (Autodesk Platinum Partner)

Lines and axes of training: Improvement of professional competence - Professional development

Teacher profile: VET teachers who teach in the CFGS of Design in mechanical manufacturing and the families of IMA and FME, which require 3D design software in the modules taught.

Course Dates

Tuesdays and Thursdays.

From 7/02/23 to 9/03/23

Course Schedules

30 h. online

15.00 - 18.00 h



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