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Integrated logistics and reverse logistics (CRN)

Course framed within the technical improvement plan of trainers 2020, included in the work plan of the CRN of Commercial Logistics and Transport Management, with the objective that at the end of this training, the participant will have a general vision of the supply chain and the forms of management adapted to the new technologies.

TARGETS: The course is intended primarily for employed workers: teachers, vocational training experts for employment and vocational training teachers.

NOTE: Priority will be given to training related to the Commercial Logistics and Transport Management sector.

Deadline for insencryption: From 06/10/20 to 18/10/20

Course Dates

 From 28/10/20 to 02/12/20

Course Schedules
Duration and schedule

30 hours online (virtual classroom)

Monday and Wednesday from 17:00 to 20:00



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