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Electromechanics: VAG group 1.5 TSI engine mechanics

The Volkswagen Group is strongly committed to the development of low-emission engines, a good example of which is the new 1.5 TSI engine. In this training the engine is completely disassembled to assimilate and understand what strategies manufacturers follow at the level of mechanical construction of engines to achieve compliance with the current demanding regulations. The objective of this training is that the attendee knows the 1.5 TSI engine by the large number of incidents it presents; disassemblies and maintenance operations in addition to the usual mechanical breakdowns and the corresponding process to follow for the resolution of such malfunctions getting the future workshop staff can deal with maintenance and repairs of the TSI with the most optimized effectiveness reducing repair times.

Professional Family TMV

Location CIFPA
Course Dates

April 18, 2023

Course Schedules

8 Hours of Presence

9.00 – 18.00 h



José Antonio Navarro

Advisor: José Antonio Navarro Márquez

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