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Regional Seminar on Simulated Companies 2023/24 (Mixed)

Business Simulation is the learning methodology that best adapts to the administrative management of a real company. For this reason, the Government of Aragon, through the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, has been offering schools for several years the possibility of participating in the educational program of business simulation. As a work and coordination tool for the different centers, the "Autonomous Seminar of Simulated Companies" was created with the following objectives: Detect training needs related to the "Company in the Classroom" module, organize the "X Aragonese Fair of Simulated Companies" and improve coordination among the teachers who teach the "Company in the Classroom" module.

Cross-training: Program coordination

Professional Family: ADG (Coordinator of the "Company in the Classroom" module and those responsible for the program in the participating centers).

Location CIFPA

CIFPA and others

Course Dates

 From 11/29/2023

   as of 05/31/2024

Course Schedules

23 hours total

Schedule: See Schedule




Juan Francisco Andreu Lázaro (2)
Advisor: Juan Francisco Andreu Lázaro
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