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Campus VDI platform, software available for the VET classroom

Campus VDI platform, software available for the VET classroom

The centers with Ateca Classrooms have the possibility of working with the virtual desktops that are located in the Campus VDI platformwhere you can find templates with the software installed, ready to be used and very useful for the different professional families.

Teachers interested in working with their students with this software have in each center with Aula Ateca the figure of the VDI virtual desktops manager. The manager is mainly responsible for the creation of users (teachers and students), and can also discover the possibilities offered by the infrastructure, something for which there are also the courses that CIFPA periodically organizes.

To give some examples of paid licenses available on the Campus VDI platform of the Ateca Classrooms of Aragon: Filmora for video editing, Rhinoceros (with the Mesh2Surface reverse engineering plugin), Pig UP for pig farm management, the full Affinity suite (for photo editing, publications and different designs), Landscape3D for 3-D landscape design, the full CYPE suite, Solidworks (with 200 licenses available), Machine Simulator, and some transversal utilities for editing PDFs (PDF Element) or converting audiovisual formats (Uniconverter).

In addition, there are also numerous free and free tools that are installed in this environment, and can be run without having to look at the requirements of our machine, because the infrastructure itself can be configured so that the desktops have the necessary RAM, CPU and graphics memory.

Information about this initiative, the applications, templates and other related topics is available at IsardVDI Campusvdi Documentation

If you work in any of the centers in Aragón with Aula Ateca and you are interested in working in your classroom with any of these applications, you can contact the virtual desktops manager or the management of your center or through the following email: recursos@campusdigitalfp.com