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Masterclass.TMV Project: professional experiences through the ATECA classroom

Masterclass.TMV Project: professional experiences through the ATECA classroom

Masterclass.TMV is a new innovation project applied to Vocational Training, coordinated by CIFPA, which aims to provide students with practical professional experiences through the resources provided by ATECA classrooms. The project, of regional scope, started last October 18 with the constitution of the working group formed with the following partners and service providers:

  • IES Sierra Guara (Huesca)
  • CPIFP Bajo Aragón (Teruel)
  • Miralbueno Secondary School (Zaragoza)
  • Paddock 82 Development Center (Zaragoza)
  • Lion Rig Studio (Zaragoza)

The project is scheduled to be completed by July 1, 2024 and the goal to be achieved is the development of a pilot model that will lay the foundations for transferring to the classroom the experience and practice of professionals in the sector linked, on this occasion, to the professional family of Vehicle Transport and Maintenance. The "know-how" of the Paddock 82 Development Center will be used, which, from its facilities and with its reference equipment in the sector, will carry out innovative tests on vehicles in which the participation of the students will be facilitated through the telematic resources of the ATECA classrooms of the participating partner centers.

In order to achieve a satisfactory training experience in VET classrooms, and as a quality leap in synchronous online training, the Masterclass.TMV project resorts to professional audiovisual production by Lion Rig Studio. With the management of quality video and audio, the aim is to make it easier for professionals and specialists to contribute their experience, from their respective workplaces, directly and simultaneously to the classrooms of the VET centers. In addition, the project seeks to minimize the cost impact for the participating VET centers by using the resources of the ATECA classrooms they already have. The project aims to establish a management model of professional audiovisual production applied to synchronous online training that will serve in future editions in which the scope is extended to more professional families and VET centers.

The following link will be used to publish the progress and achievements made in the development of the project: