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Elaboration of artisan bakery and pastries.

Activity destined to carry out the different elaborations of fermented decorative doughs as well as of doughs with high glucose content, for later assemblies and assemblies, as well as the handling of templates and the use of seeds, colorants, etc... of the same doughs.

Axes of training: Improvement of professional competence

Professional Family INA, HOT

Course Dates

          From January 20 to March 10

Course Schedules

25 Hours of Presence

15.30 – 20.30 H




Other related activities
Axis - Improvement of professional competence, ELE - Electricity and Electronics, EOC - Building and Civil Works, FME - Mechanical Manufacturing, IMA - Installation and Maintenance, Professional Improvement, TMV - Transport and Maintenance of Vehicles, TMV - Transport and Maintenance of Vehicles.