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Teachers debate on the needs of bilingual courses

Teachers debate on the needs of bilingual courses

The facilities of the Centro de Innovación para la Formación Profesional de Aragón (CIFPA) hosted the teachers and coordinators of the bilingual vocational training program.
The presentation was given by Ester Torres, Bilingualism advisor at the Vocational Training Service. After the presentation, Noelia Mayoral, who showed and analyzed Artificial Intelligence tools to be applied in bilingual education, gave a training session.

The conference, which was attended by fifty people, including teachers and program coordinators, continued with the presentation of best practices and several centers shared their experiences and successful strategies in the development of the bilingual program in VET.

The first presentation was given by: Patricia Álvarez and Lidia Pons, from IES Vega del Turia (Teruel) who launched with the topic "How to be a bilingual teacher without dying trying".

The following interventions were made by:

Carmen Paricio and Rebeca Sánchez from CPIFP Los Enlaces (Zaragoza), whose talk was: "Enlazando bilingüismo y FP".

Luis Delso from O.D. Santo Domingo de Silos (Zaragoza) who spoke about "Real Life English".

Finally, Teresa Fernández and Carmen Morente from the CPIFP San Lorenzo (Huesca) gave a talk entitled "Bienvenue and welcome".

This meeting ended with several working groups that addressed the following topics:

  • Identification of specific needs in Bilingual VET.
  • Proposals for continuing education to address these needs.
  • Exchange of ideas and strategies for practical implementation in the centers.