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Engagement... What are you talking about?

Engagement... What are you talking about?

We continue in our blog with the section: What are you talking about? It is a small contribution to this blog dedicated to Culture and in which we want to collect all those terms or expressions, whether or not they are included in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), but which for one reason or another, now or in recent years are "sounding" in the media, in the street, in our environment.

Today we are going to talk about an Anglo-Saxon term that is being used a lot in the marketing world, but that is already being adopted for other situations in life. We are referring to engagement, which translates as commitment.

ENGAGEMENTThis term is used to define the level of engagement that is established between a brand and its audience, but not only at the level of product purchase or service use.

Creating engagement means going further: achieving constant interaction through social media, building trust and getting users to empathise with the firm's values, commitment and messages. The ultimate goal is to achieve long-lasting, solid and deep relationships based on the shopping experience.

Strategies to achieve this engagement have become widespread in the business world with the development of the digitalised society and, above all, with the rise of social networks and other media that allow constant interaction with users.

Firms are obtaining, from different sources, a lot of information about their users and this facilitates the generalisation of tactics that seek to make this relationship, brand-user, solid and long-lasting.

But from business engagement we are now moving on to work engagement. In other words, companies are looking for strategies to make employees feel committed to the company's mission, vision, values and commitment and thus have a positive influence on production. Among the variables that are taken into consideration in order to define engagement at work are: the level of employee satisfaction with their working conditions, their physical and mental well-being and their professional fulfilment.